Alice Abreu, 37, is a single mom of two. For the past 10 years she has been a surrogate mother, carrying five children for three different families. This year, Alice carried a son, Leo Wallace Drill, for Jacob Drill and Stewart Wallace, a couple from New York City who wanted to expand their family. Jacob and Stewart have another son, Max, from a previous surrogacy. 

Surrogacy led Alice to a career in nursing, and has financed her schooling at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences the past two and a half years.

Through her journey, many people ask her how she can give up babies that she has carried, some genetically her own. Alice explains "it's all about your mindset," and as long as you go into it knowing "this is not my baby," her emotional connection remains with the family- not with the infant.

"It's almost addictive," said Alice of surrogacy. You enjoy it so much and you see how happy the family is, it makes you want to do it again."

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