This is a story about mental illness resulting from brain injury. His short term memory causes confusion, anxiety and frustration. Medication doesn't help, but certain foods have resulted in positive and negative effects in behavior. Subjects remain unnamed. 

-Video, Sound & Editing by Chelsey Allder

-Music by Podington Bear

A Land of Value:

Hillary Wilson began leasing her parent’s farm in 2004 when they considered selling after their divorce. She, her sister, and a few friends renamed the farm Maverick Farms and began both an emotional and political process of preserving the land and heritage of Appalachia. Through their educational farming programs, beginning farmers have options to cheaply work the land, and old farmers aren’t faced with the pressure to sell to home developers. Hillary’s goal is to give the land, farmers, and consumers a value often overlooked.

A short documentary uncovering the meaning of "blue" in a fresh and innovative light.

All copyright in the visuals and audio (excluding soundtrack) to Joseph Paul, Chelsey Allder, Ellen Banach & Alice Abbott.

Note- Chelsey's main roles in video: lighting, visuals, editing.

Soundtrack: Blue - Rob Simonsen.
All copyright to Rob Simonsen.
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